Why Choose Mobile Or On-site Document Shredding?

We come in, take your containers out, and return them empty – it’s that easy!

Mobile or On-site Document ShreddingFraud, identity theft, and other business crimes are on the rise around the globe. First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that there are many federal and state regulations requiring companies, organizations, and firms to properly destroy documents. In properly shredding documents of all types, you can rest assured that you are following the law.

Here’s a review of the difference between on-site document shredding and off-site shredding:

  1. Off-site shredding involves a truck collecting your documents, proceeding to the next stop on their route, picking up more documents, and so on. When the truck is full, everything is dumped into a pile to shred. That shredding may or may not be done on the same day and anything can happen during that time – it’s just not as secure.
  2. Mobile document shredding or on-site document shredding involves a truck pulling up, your document containers are dumped into the shredder immediately and shredded right there. Empty containers are returned to your office. It’s immediate and there is little to no opportunity for any security breach that could affect your company, your employees, or your clients. It’s the most complete, most secure document shredding option available today.

At Instant Shredding, we help you maintain critical legal compliance without significant impact to your bottom line. You can watch the shredding process if you like and as soon as our shredding is complete, we’ll issue a Certificate of Destruction to limit your future liability.

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Top Benefits of Mobile Or On-site Document Shredding

Did you know that non-compliance of federal regulations can result in federal and state fines running into thousands of dollars? Complete document shredding doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive and there are some excellent, budget-friendly options when you work with Instant Shredding.

  • It’s affordable and convenient – schedule mobile document shredding services that suit your needs
  • It’s efficient – because the bins leave and come back within minutes
  • It’s secure – no possibility of theft or loss during the on-site document shredding process
  • It’s compliant – you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction with every visit
  • It protects your business and your customers with a complete shred

Our mobile or on-site document shredding equipment ensures that your documents are not shredded into pieces that could be reassembled – they are destroyed to a level that’s hard to believe. Then, they are recycled too!

You’ll get a Certificate of Destruction and an invoice upon completion of our on-site document shredding services. Call our team at 214.747.3348 or 817.747.3348 for a free quote today.