How Our Shredding Services in Grapevine, Fort Worth, Dallas and Surrounding Communities Benefit Your Business

Why simply shred when you can destroy instead?

At Instant Shredding, our equipment is one of the features that sets us apart. Our service technicians deploy the Predator G3 – a unique vehicle that includes the most efficient document shredding system available in the industry. It shreds nearly twice as fast as competing systems – with a throughput of 7,000 pounds per hour. If you are looking for shredding services in the Grapevine, Fort Worth and Dallas area, look no further.

Additional features of our shredding equipment include:

    • Generous payload capacity – so you don’t experience delays and we keep to our schedule
    • Smallest shred size ever – for increased security you can count on
    • Efficient lift feed and unloading system – again, to keep our drivers moving quickly and efficiently
    • Better fuel efficiency – for a greener document shredding solution and a reduced carbon footprint

What does all this mean to you? It means that when you call upon our shredding services in Grapevine, Fort Worth or Dallas, our technicians are in and out of your office with a speed and efficiency you’ve never experienced before. Not only are your documents completely shredded into the smallest possible bits, but you can count on our service technicians being on time and efficient, always.

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Why Engage Us for Document Shredding Services in Grapevine, Fort Worth and Dallas?

Some of the other features that set our shredding services apart include the following:

    • The best document shredding value for your dollar. With low-priced, once monthly options all the way up to more frequent pick-ups, you can get quality document shredding services in Fort Worth without spending a lot of money. Certainly a lot less than you would spend on equipment and employee wages if you had to shred documents yourselves.
    • Premier customer service. Instant Shredding technicians act quickly and efficiently – more importantly, they’re quiet – to keep office disruption to a minimum. Because of our equipment, we’re also in and out of your office quickly.
    • You’ll have fast, reliable, and complete document destruction every time. Our shredding trucks don’t just shred your documents, they completely destroy them.
    • A greener workplace. Who needs all that old paper hanging around in file cabinets, cluttering desks and tables, and just getting in everyone’s way? Get that paper shredded and properly recycled, and enjoy a greener, cleaner workplace today.

The faster we shred, the quicker we leave and the more work you get done today – all in a cleaner environment!

With Instant Shredding services in Texas, you’ll get a Certificate of Destruction and an invoice upon completion of our work. Call our team at 214.747.3348 or 817.747.3348 for a free quote today.