Privacy Laws Require Shredding in Arlington, TX

A number of recently enacted privacy laws including FACTA, HIPAA, RCRA, FERPA, and others have been put in place to protect the right to privacy of individuals and businesses. These laws likely affect your business in how you handle customers, clients, and vendors, but they also affect how you treat the paper documents that come into your possession. Professional shredding services in Arlington, TX can keep you on the right side of the law.

Every year, improper document disposal puts your business at risk for liability suits and potential fines. In-house shredding results in lost productivity and an increased risk of exposure in the case of simple human error. Instant Shredding can alleviate the burden of managing the destruction of documents and minimize your potential risk.

What types of documents are businesses now required to destroy in order to protect themselves from potential legal litigation? The list will vary depending on your business, of course, and you can see a list of records that require safe destruction.

The key thing to remember is that it’s essential to properly destroy anything that could expose another business or individual to the potential for identity theft or fraud. All levels of government are increasing their enforcement of data privacy laws and making everyone’s protection against identity theft a high priority.

The expert and efficient representatives at Instant Shredding understand the need for accurate and reliable shredding – and we’re here to help. Request a quote for shredding in Arlington, TX or call 817.747.3348 (817.SHRED4U) to discuss your document shredding needs today.

Don’t Let Private Information Go Into the Wrong Hands — Hire Shredding Services in Arlington, TX

As an ethical business, you know that document shredding is the right thing to do. At Instant Shredding we make it simple for you to comply with the laws and boost your business’ carbon foot print at the same time. Our shredding services in Arlington, TX make it easy in three simple steps:

  1. Choose the container sizes you need
  2. Set up a shredding schedule with our team
  3. Sit back and relax – it’s handled!

Our trucks shred the paper into something that closely resembles powder. The shredding technology we use has come a long way from the old strip shredding. That’s what you want – the absolute security that this paper will never be reconstructed.

After that, we recycle the shredded material so you know that your business is contributing to a cleaner environment – and you don’t have to lift a finger!

Every Instant Shredding customer gets a Certificate of Disposal with each visit. Call our team today at 817.747.3348 (817.SHRED4U) for a free onsite paper shredding demonstration at your place of business in Arlington, TX today.