Which Companies Need Paper Shredding in Fort Worth?

All of them – no company is immune from the need for secure paper shredding

Every business in Fort Worth – no matter how big or small – has access to some kind of confidential data. Today’s state and federal regulations require that nearly anything printed on paper must be securely shredded. This means that every private and public company needs secure, reliable paper shredding services in Fort Worth.

In fact, the Texas Information Disposal Act regulates document retention and disposal requirements, requiring that records containing any personally identifying information on them be completely destroyed – and recycling them doesn’t count!

Any business without proper paper shredding procedure in place is open to risk. The data on paper that flows through your office is considered a risk by most business espionage experts. No one is immune from identity theft and every business faces the risk of destructive competition. It seems that paper is the single most useful source of competitive advantage against the average business as well as being the single most important risk to guard against for individuals.

At Instant Shredding, we provide secure paper shredding in Fort Worth. Our paper shredding services are designed to keep your company safe from risk, fraud and liability. Every business has information and data that others trust will be kept private. We can help you make sure that promise is worth your business’ reputation because that’s what’s on the line.

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What Should You Do About Your Paper Shredding Needs in Fort Worth?

Don’t get caught being careless with any customer’s, vendor’s, or client’s sensitive and private information! Anything with company, client, patient, vendor, or customer data on it should go instantly in the shredding containers provided to you by Instant Shredding. In fact, just about any paper at all should be shredded because that way you’ll know you are safe and in compliance with state and federal regulations at all times. This is true for every public and private business in Fort Worth – no matter what your size or which industry you’re affiliated with.

When we visit, we’ll unload those documents directly into the shredder, shred them on-site immediately, and hand you a Certificate of Destruction to verify your compliance with the law. It’s the most secure paper shredding system you can get in Fort Worth. Plus, when we are finished, we recycle everything so you know that your papers are not only completely destroyed but you’ve also done your bit for the environment.

We hand every customer a Certificate of Destruction with every visit. Call our team today at 817.747.3348 (817.SHRED4U) for a free on-site paper shredding demonstration at your place of business in Fort Worth today.