Who Needs Paper Shredding in Dallas?

Just about everyone – companies, offices, organizations – no one is immune

Every business has the occasion to destroy confidential data, but these days state and federal regulations require that nearly all paper documents be shredded. This means just about every private and public company needs paper shredding services in Dallas, including:

  • Doctor’s offices
  • Law firms
  • Software development companies
  • Aviation services companies
  • Banks
  • Investment firms, and more

Without proper paper shredding safeguards in place, the information that flows through your office, over desks and across counters, is considered by business espionage professionals to be a risk. Paper is the single, most easily available source of competitive and private information coming out of a place of business or passing through the average service provider.

At Instant Shredding, we provide secure paper shredding in Dallas to safeguard your company’s data and limit your liability. Every business has information and data that others entrust will be kept private and Instant Shredding can help you make sure that trust is maintained.

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Why is Paper Shredding in Dallas Necessary?

In guarding your own business information, we are not just talking about bank account statements here; we are talking about memos, notes, sales statistics, price lists, business reports, drafts of bids and correspondence (even if they were never sent), customer lists, sales data – anything that would be of interest to a competitor or outsider.

In guarding private information, we mean employee records, personnel files, employee letters and communications, salary reports, benefits accounting, and more.

Without proper safeguards, the paper in any office ends up in the dumpster where it is readily accessible to anyone. Employees, clients, vendors and customers have the legal right to have their information protected and it’s your responsibility to make sure that happens.

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