Secure Document Shredding in Fort Worth

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The old-fashioned methods of permanently storing paper documents is long gone. While every business must decide how long paper documents are to be stored and maintained in paper form, they must also carefully consider how useful a document is in the grand scheme of running their business. Defining your document shredding practices is critical to businesses of all sizes because space is expensive and documents take up space. Having a well-defined process and expert document shredding services in Fort Worth is also critical to your business’ security and success. Stored documents should be weeded out and destroyed on a regular basis.

While many businesses hire commercial records storage firms to store and maintain boxes of business information, not all of that data is necessary to keep. Most commercial records storage firms do not have secure document shredding either. To keep your business, client, and customer records secure, shred anything you don’t need to keep, and do it immediately and securely.

Anything held in paper form is a risk because incidents of identity theft and business fraud are steadily rising – no one is immune from these risks. In destroying all records on a pre-determined schedule, you and your company are adhering not only to legislative regulations but also using common sense. You are limiting the amount of paper and documents on hand at any time and eliminating the costly overhead of storing and maintaining those records.

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Secure Document Shredding in Fort Worth Enhanced with Recycling

While recycling your documents is an honorable practice – one that’s sure to help the environment – recycling alone is not an adequate substitute for complete and secure document shredding. Most recycling companies do not have secure processes in place to ensure that your paper documents will not be seen by those who shouldn’t. Often, pieces of paper will be held for long periods of time without any supervision at all. If a thief wanted to gain access to your business information or some private information, it wouldn’t be too hard to do.

When you work with Instant Shredding for your document shredding in Fort Worth, you get the best of both worlds – complete, secure document shredding and proper recycling. This means you are protecting yourself, your employees, clients and patients, as well as protecting the environment. What could be a better package than that? We also provide a Certificate of Destruction with your invoice as each shredding job is completed.

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