Comprehensive Document Shredding Services in Dallas

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The time of permanently stored paper documents is long over. While the period of time a business record is stored and maintained in document form varies, every business should take into consideration the usefulness of every paper document and shred it as soon as the retention period is over. This is why document shredding services in Dallas are so necessary.

Stored documents should be destroyed on a regular schedule. Simply hanging on to documents to hang on to them leads to more paper stored in files or boxes and then archived in big storage buildings. It’s not only a waste of paper, time, and space resources; it’s a huge security risk. Your business cannot transfer its responsibility to maintain confidentiality of its records simply because they are stored by another company either. Information that falls into the wrong hands means the one who stands to lose the most is likely to face big losses. Losses that may even lead to prosecution – or at least unfavorable scrutiny and bad publicity for the one who did not protect that document.

Incidents of identity theft and business fraud are on the rise and no one is immune. In fact, the situation is so bad that the federal and state governments have stepped in and started regulating document shredding to protect everyone. By destroying records on a determined and regular schedule, your company appropriately adheres to legislative regulations while limiting the amount of material on hand as well as the costly materials overhead it brings.

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Recycling is Not Adequate Document Shredding for Your Dallas Company

From a risk management perspective, recycling your documents is not an adequate answer to your document shredding compliance problem. To extract the scrap value of recycled office papers, recycling companies use unscreened, minimum wage, sometimes undocumented employees who sort the paper under unsecure conditions. Plus, any acceptable paper is often stored for an indefinite period of time – again under unsecured conditions before it’s transferred and/or processed. Imagine your personal bank account statement in this situation – pretty scary, right?

While environmental responsibility is an honorable goal, protecting yourself from liability action is foremost. Luckily, when you work with Instant Shredding you get both!

Not only do you get the most secure document shredding in Dallas – we come to your office, unload the document bins, shred them immediately on-site, and hand you a Certificate of Destruction. We also recycle all the shredded material. Now, you can have proper document shredding services as well as a more sustainable option for your office.

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