Types of Document Shredding Services for Your Business in Fort Worth and Dallas

Shredding documents is an effective method to protect your personal and professional information. Paper shredding leaves no evidence of confidential information. Generally, for businesses and individuals there are two kinds of Document Shredding services available:

  1. Off-site Shredding

One of the most popular services, off-site shredding, consists of collecting all documents and transport it to the nearest shredding facility center. Advantages include lower cost and that Instant Shredding provides a certificate of destruction in the name of your registered business.

  1. On-Site Shredding

As the name suggests, on-site shredding or mobile occurs on your premises. A shredding truck visits your organization and shreds the documents on site. One advantage of Onsite shredding is that your documents are shredded right in front of your eyes. Secondly, you control the documents from your office to the shredder, which leaves no chance of documents being misplaced. Witnessing the paper being destroyed can provide peace of mind that the process has been completed.

Are you or your organization looking for document shredding service in Fort Worth and Dallas?

There are many benefits to choose a responsible shredding company which understands the requirements of your organization. We at Instant Shredding prevent identity theft, protect the confidential information of your customers and employees and save storage space by destroying unneeded files and documents.  In a busy city like Dallas or Fort Worth where competition is very stiff, you need to protect your company’s information from competitors.

Note that not just larges companies need document shredding services. Any company dealing with confidential documents is exposed to identity theft, irrespective of the size of the organization. For government agencies, financial institutions and startups, the information they possess is highly sensitive. If it falls in the wrongs hands, it can cause financial and emotional trouble to the founders and stakeholders.

When it comes to permanently destroying these confidential documents, trust Instant Shredding, your trustworthy Document Shredding Company in Fort Worth. Visit our website and see the range of services we provide or call on +1 817-747-3348 for instant guidance!

Happy Instant Shredding!