The Environmental Benefits of Paper Shredding in Dallas

Going green is no longer a fad. It’s become an important process for consumers and even for businesses. In fact, consumers today now expect the businesses they patronize to do their part for the environment. While there are lots of different ways that can be done, working with a company offering paper shredding in Dallas is one of the best options for your business. How does it work and what should you know?

First, professional paper shredding for Dallas businesses is not like doing it by hand. It’s not time consuming, frustrating or difficult. You hire a company to come to your business and destroy your sensitive documents, old records and other papers. This protects your company’s privacy, as well as that of your customers, but it also allows you to eliminate wasted paper and space from your office, and recycle the shredded documents.

The company will shred your documents on site, and then transport the shredded paper, not to a landfill, but to a recycling center. There, that waste paper will be transformed into new paper once more, giving it new life, and reducing the demand on raw natural resources. It also eliminates toxic gases that would be released into the environment through the harvesting, manufacturing and delivery processes involved with papermaking. This can result in a net reduction of 74% in air pollution, 50% in water consumption and 64% in energy consumption.

Of course, finding the right company for paper shredding in Fort Worth can be tougher than you think. Not only do you need to find a company that offers modern shredding services, but you need one that is a NAID member, dedicated to providing guaranteed document destruction, and that can provide a free quote on your needs. Beyond that, you need a company that does more than just “shred” your papers – your documents need to be completely destroyed before recycling.

This is where Instant Shredding comes in. We’re proud to offer paper shredding in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout the Metroplex. Our outstanding shredding services come with a certificate of destruction, guaranteeing that your documents are completely destroyed before we send them for recycling. If you want to enjoy the benefits available only through a professional company offering paper shredding in Dallas, then contact Instant Shredding by calling our team at 214.747.3348 or 817.747.3348 for a free document shredding quote today.