Stop Identity Theft by Regular Paper Shredding

Even as the digital age encroaches on the market share of paper mail, there is a significant group who still relies entirely on it for confidential documents and communication. Corporations actively send physical documents through the mail, and the risk for identity theft is always a possibility. Ideally, all documents with sensitive information should be shredded to avoid it from getting into the wrong hands.

The question is why shred it at all? Can’t it be simply disposed? The truth is, that even in the age of ever-changing technology, most of the identity theft and fraud situations still takes place in an old-fashioned manner with paper documents being the primary target.

The perpetrators generally steal mail or dig through the garbage bins, recycling containers, and trash to obtain the personal information of a company or individual. Disposing of anything that contains personal information like address, phone number, birth date, bank statement, credit card bills or financial statements in any other way besides shredding, can put you at risk of identity theft.

Shredding paper documents is one of the most full-proof and cost-effective ways to stop fraud and identity theft. However, most people aren’t shredding enough, as the advantages are unknown. A few of the benefits include:

  • Shredding documents gives the company, and it’s executives a peace of mind that their information has been destroyed in the right manner and can’t be retained by any method. Paper Shredding can be outsourced. Rather than investing in an expensive paper shredder, a third party vendor can take care of the process effectively and securely.
  • Recycling the shredded paper is also an environment-friendly approach. Paper is one of the most used materials in the economy. Shredding protects trees from being used for new paper products.
  • By shredding personal information as a company, it keeps the company compliant with law and regulations when the courts order disputed documents and paperwork to be destroyed.
  • Document shredding also provides a systematic way to safely taking care of trash. No one wants loose papers taking up space. Hiring a paper shredding company can help you get rid of the clutter of unnecessary, outdated and unwanted documents.
  • Ultimately, the process of paper shredding is fulfilling and worth the effort as it assures that you are doing your part protecting the environment and securing confidential data of your business and it’s customers. Companies taking the initiative to protect sensitive information, often find loyalty amongst employees & consumers which can result in a surge in their sales because they are identified as a trusted partner.

With identity theft and fraud on the rise, it’s hard to undervalue the need for data protection. It is highly recommended to hire a professional document destruction and shredding company. At Instant Shredding, we assure complete data privacy, absolute confidentiality, and effective destruction of your documents without leaving any traces.