Keep Information Secure with Onsite Document Shredding

The news is awash with stories of companies and people who have fallen victim to scams and identity theft. These have arisen as a result of stolen information. It is therefore important for companies to take great care of their paperwork, especially when it comes to disposal.

The Texas Information Disposal Act (HB 698) is the legislation that guides retention time and disposal of documents by businesses within the state. This law is applicable to your business as long as you collect personally identifying information.

According to section 698(3) (d), businesses are required to dispose of personal identifying information by any means that will ensure that the information is undecipherable or unreadable. This includes shredding and erasing.

How onsite document shredding can help

Shredding is one of the most effective ways to securely dispose of sensitive documents that a company holds. However, it can be expensive, time consuming and cumbersome to do the shredding yourself. It can also be risky to have your documents transported to a different location to have them shredded.

If you want to ensure the secure destruction of information, you should opt for an on site document shredding Weatherford service. These services will ensure:

  1. You save on time and money

With on site document shredding a truck will arrive at your place of business and the service will quickly destroy your documents. These services have professional level shredders that can destroy hundreds of pounds of paper in a fraction of the time the standard office shredders can.

These services will also save you the cost of buying a shredder and ensure that your employees aren’t wasting precious time on destroying documents. This time would be better spent on generating revenue for your business.

  1. You can verify the disposal of documents

Do you want to be absolutely certain that the documents were disposed? If you hire an on site document shredding Cleburne service, you can oversee the disposal of the papers. You can witness the destruction in real time and be sure that no information falls into the wrong hands.

  1. You can be sure of being in compliance

Investing in shredding Cleburne service is a great move if you want to be sure that you’re in compliance with state and federal regulations for document destruction. These services will provide you with access to professional level shredders that will ensure that following their destruction, the information on the documents will be unreadable and undecipherable.

You can take it a step further and search for a shredding Weatherford service that is environmentally conscious. These services will ensure that the bits of paper resulting from the destruction process will be recycled.

There are several options when it comes to the disposal of documents. All options involve a great deal of risk. Some even involve significant expenditure for companies. In addition to this, not all shredding services are the same. However, hiring an onsite document shredding service will reduce your risks and investment of both time and money.