Effective Business Management with Shredding in Grand Prairie

We’re living in the digital era. A lot of company data is stored in digital form. Many companies focus on preventing data breaches and deterring computer hackers. However, some forget the importance of protecting hard copy documents and the information they carry.

If you’re a business in Grand Prairie, TX, you should know that you’re subject to the Texas Information Disposal Act (HB 698). This law governs how documents with personally identifying information should be managed.

According to HB 698, businesses disposing of records that contain personal identity information of customers, partners, employees, and other concerned parties should ensure that the method of disposal renders the personal information on these materials undecipherable or unreadable. One of the easiest and fastest ways to do this is by hiring a shredding Grand Prairie service.

Managing Documents with Mobile Shredding Service

Many businesses opt out of hiring a document shredding company as they believe the services will be too expensive. Others believe that ferrying documents to the company may not be feasible or cost-efficient.

Companies in Grand Prairie, TX will be glad to know that Instant Shredding offers mobile document destruction and will come to you and shred the documents there.

Document destruction services couldn’t be more convenient. You simply need to ensure that they are stored safely at your site as you await the services. This may include storing them in locked containers or in a locked room.

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