7 Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Document Shredding Company

Every major city area has a handful or more of paper shredding services to choose from. But, how do you choose the best document shredding company?

Below, we’ve provided you with 7 essential questions you must ask your potential shredding company:

  1. What are your shredding service options?

It’s significant to choose a document shredding company that delivers precise service for your business. You should never have to compromise anything to get the process done. Early in your selection process, ask about the paper shredding services each vendor offers.

  1. Where are My Documents Shredded?

With on-site shredding, your private papers are destroyed in front of you and you can witness this. With off-site service, you don’t get to see the process of documents being destroyed and you never know exactly when it is done.

  1. Does the Company Shred Monday through Saturday?

You should be able to have your documents shredded when you wish to do so. A few companies may tell you that they operate only on a particular day. You shouldn’t have to be constrained to one or two specific days a week. Your shredding should be according to your plan. Companies that give you the prospect to choose the right day for your timetable are more attentive on providing moral service.

  1. How Do You Charge for Your Services?

Some companies charge per bin, per box, per pound or by the time it takes to shred. Try to hire a company that charges per bin or box as it is much easier to control. Also, make sure you ask if there are any additional charges such as fuel surcharges, stair charges, or any other additional costs.

  1. Is all shredded material recycled?

An environmentally-responsible document shredding company will send all shredded material to a reliable recycling agency. It is imperative to know how the recycler takes care of your paper.

  1. What is your document shredding Chain of Custody process?

Security should be the highest priority of any paper destruction process. Regrettably, many paper shredding companies treat safety as a bonus. You can find out the factual value your seller places on security by asking about their chain of custody procedures.

  1. Do You Provide a Certificate of Destruction?

A certificate of destruction after the shredding process ensures that all your sensitive data and documents have been securely destroyed. This certificate can help protect your company in case of legal action or an audit. So always look for a shredding company that provides a detailed certificate of destruction.

Asking all of these questions will help you choose the right document destruction company for your business.

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