6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore a Document Shredding Company

Many consumers are afraid of using their credentials on mobile apps, credit card, or banking services. Identity theft mostly occurs with the information online, or paper documents in your mailbox or office so you should think twice before dumping those monthly credit card bills in the trash. Sensitive documents like these contain confidential data which help thieves to create further fraud reports, sell private data, or initiate an identity theft.

Dumpster Diving– A method by criminals to regularly check and pick through the trash at night in hope to find vital information to steal an identity. Therefore, documents like utility bills, ATM receipts, bank or credit card statements, voided checks, employee pay stubs, person records, legal documents, insurance papers, expired passports, and signed contracts should be immediately shredded if not in use.

7 Reasons why you shouldn’t ignore opting a Document Shredding Company:

1. Legal Reasons

For various business, shredding documents is an important procedure which helps to keep you in compliance with regulations. Maintaining client information secure is the most vital responsibility for any business and helps to keep your company out of legal trouble.

2. Maintains Goodwill

Very few states in the US have laws in place which mandates businesses need to inform the attorney general’s office of any security or data breache. Having a security plan in place to effectively destroy sensitive data can mitigate risks which involve potential violations. Take a proactive step to maintain the goodwill of your organization by immediately shredding sensitive documents that are no longer of use.

3. Corporate Social Responsibility

Throwing away sensitive data without proper destruction is illegal and irresponsible. In addition to being legally compliant, there are multiple environmental benefits with a document shredding program with the assurance that your paper materials are recycled in an eco-friendly manner.

4. Peace of Mind

As a business owner, you are already dealing with a lot on your plate. Don’t let security compliance ruin it for you. By scheduling regular document shredding session, you’ll be sure that highly confidential data is shredded and physically destroyed.

5. Leave your shredding to the professionals

Hiring a shredding company will save time and cost to your company. Shredding companies also provide a certificate of destruction after each session and provide legal documents for compliance management.

6. What to shred and what not shred

Hiring a shredding company will ensure you don’t shred essential papers which are then difficult to retain. Maintaining a checklist of documents and making sure that each employee is familiar with the process, shredding is often performed in a private area where no other employee has access.

With identity theft, fraud, and scam are on the rise, it’s hard to undervalue the need for document security. It is highly recommended that you hire a professional document destruction and shredding company. At Instant Shredding, we assure data privacy, confidentiality, and complete destruction of your documents.

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