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Need A Document Shredding Company to Keep You Compliant and Risk-Free?

Fast, Efficient and Green Shredding Services from Instant Shredding

With identity theft and business fraud on the rise, it’s hard to underestimate the need for document security. At Instant Shredding, we recognize the need for the highest quality document shredding standards. Our document shredding company is a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID). We offer off-site and on-site or mobile document shredding. We are also members of the Professional Records and Information Services Management (PRISM).

We’ll provide you with a Certificate of Destruction every time we visit so you know we are compliant with all legislative regulations requiring you to destroy confidential information, but even better … you’ll have greater peace of mind!

At Instant Shredding, our organization is designed and built around helping our customers maintain legal compliance. Our products and services also contribute wholeheartedly to recycling and good environmental stewardship.

Click here to request a quote from our document shredding company. Or call 214.747.3348 or 817.747.3348 to discuss your document shredding needs today.

Why Choose Our Document Shredding Company?

There are many reasons to work with us, not the least of which may come as a big surprise to you. Not all forms of shredding are capable of permanently destroying sensitive documents. It’s true and you heard it here. Incomplete shredding leaves everyone from businesses to consumers to clients – even your own customers at risk.

Here’s why we recommend you engage our document shredding company’s services:

  • Fast, reliable, and complete document destruction. The Predator G3 is the equipment we use and it doesn’t just shred – it pulverizes documents into near powder form. Other forms of shredding – strip shredding, cross shredding, etc. – leave document bits that can be reassembled. The Predator G3 reduces all manner of paper products into the smallest size currently possible – and it’s all easily recycled.
  • Better document shredding value. Our regular, once monthly service starts at just $65, so you save money in several ways: by not purchasing and maintaining shredding equipment or wasting valuable employee time.
  • Excellent service. Every operator at our document shredding company is expected to act in a courteous, respectful, and professional manner at all times. Our team is uniformed and will work quietly and efficiently in your office space to minimize disruption and distractions.
  • A greener workplace. Not only are all your documents shredded (pulverized, actually) and that paper is recycled, you can put any paper in those shredding bins and get it out of your office forever.

You’ll get a Certificate of Destruction and an invoice upon completion of the job by our document shredding company. Call our team at 214.747.3348 or 817.747.3348 for a free quote today.